Download TOP Euro Truck Simulator 2 Economy mods

GN Realm+Economy V1.6.8 Beta

GN Realm+Economy V1.6.8 Beta for Euro Truck Simulator 2

v1.6.8 Beta Added: Real Life Ferry Prices Added Custom Cargo’s This changes all the Economy setting in game to make it even more realistic ✔ Realistic Sleep and Drive Ours ( IRL Rules) ✔ Job Fine Increased ✔ Cheaper gass at youre own garage ✔ Garage buy price increased to 750000 ✔ Garage Upgrade price…


Realistic World Economic Strategy

Realistic World Economic Strategy for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Every truck’s price has been checked on the internet and updated as needed. Have you ever wondered just what economic position is like for Eu trucking companies  The goal of this mod is to expose everyone to the true economic circumstances of drivers. Any little component of the game’s economic model has been researched, different…


Easy Economy [1.40]

Easy Economy [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

*Better Bank Loans #1 – 100.000 . 13 Weeks ( 1134 euro daily ) #2 – 500.000 . 25 Weeks ( 3003 euro daily ) #3 – 1.000.000 . 36 Weeks ( 4228 euro daily ) #4 – 4.000.000 . 52 Weeks ( 11675 euro daily ) Credit Limit By Level Up To 30 !…


Economy Evolution [1.40]

Economy Evolution [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This Mod is created for maximum realistic simulation, in the restrains that the Game allows This is the Evolution from what i learned about the standard SCS Economy, and the changes I made to it with my first Economy Mod realEco Keep in mind you have to start somewhere with your career, and the beginning…


Increased Delivery Time [1.40]

Increased Delivery Time [1.40] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod extends the timeframe for deliveries by approximately 25%. Note: Workers could take an extra 25% time to deliver the goods. This Mod May Be Affected If You Use Another Economy Mod, Don’t Use It! Updated for 1.40. The overtime has been reduced, now we will have an extra 25% of time for the…