Download TOP Fallout 76 Animation mods

Motorbike And Poses

Motorbike And Poses for Fallout 76

Aprilla Poses are now available! adds 7 poses! Bike and poses are done via the console menu. “Help Motorbike 4 Armo” “Help Aprilla 4 idle” Be sure to keep your characters weight triangle centred, or you may get some clipping or other visual bugs.


Always Raised Weapons

Always Raised Weapons for Fallout 76

Personally, it always feels kinda jarring to me when I’m in an interior with tight corridors and every time I turn around my character is repeatedly raising and lowering their weapon. I made this mod because I don’t particularly care for the immersion or realism aspect, and I much prefer the classic FPS style of…


Improved Piles

Improved Piles for Fallout 76

Adds glow maps to the ash, goo and meat piles. This mod will add glow maps to the default ash, goo and meat piles to help spot them easier in dark places or high grass. Robot piles share assets with other debris and screws up the aesthetic of the game in many areas so they…