Download TOP Fallout 76 User Interface mods

Fanfare Free

Fanfare Free for Fallout 76

Free yourself from the annoying in-game popup fanfare that covers your screen. Annoyed by big fanfare popups in the middle of your screen when you are in the middle of combat? This mod will let you select which popups to hide, removing all distractions as you lay waste to Super Mutants, Snallygasters, and Scorchbeasts alike!…


Ridders Fonts Reloaded

Ridders Fonts Reloaded for Fallout 76

This is the second modification that I have posted here. I do not like the default font and simply wanted to change it. Also, please be sure to consider joining the tiny discord for more direct communication should any issue arise, remember; This is a BETA. Lastly, please consider to assist with the further development…


Hoverboy’s Super Ultrawide HUD FIX

Hoverboy’s Super Ultrawide HUD FIX for Fallout 76

It’s not pretty, but it works. A mod to move the Server Join, Player Joined Team, and Challenge notifications off screen after they pop up when running @ 5120×1440. NOTE: I have only tested this on my rig while playing the PC Game Pass version. I have no idea if this will work for/with the…


Classic Fallout HUD

Classic Fallout HUD for Fallout 76

Make your HUD look like classic Fallout with this ReShade and HUDEditor Preset! 1. Install HUDEditor by Annorexorcist 2. Install ReShade 3. Extract all the files from the .zip into your Fallout 76 directory and replace all when asked 4. UI can be toggled by pressing ~ Since this is just a glorified HUDEditor and…


Gudvinustal’s Russian Fallout 76 Tags

Gudvinustal’s Russian Fallout 76 Tags for Fallout 76

The mod adds tags to in-game items, shows the components of the trash in the names and the approximate value of schemes, recipes, clothes. The mod is an abbreviated version of GudvinUstal’s Russian Fallout 76, which retains the tags and a number of other interface conveniences, but the game texts themselves are left the same…


Njf’s Easy Sorting And Tagging

Njf’s Easy Sorting And Tagging for Fallout 76

Based off RatMonkey’s Easy Sorting and Tagging by L0n36unm4n. This is the 3rd revision and continuation of a mod previously managed by various modders on here using the same structure. NJF’s Easy Sorting & Tagging! Tags for Weapons and Items. Estimated value of Apparel and Plans using Explanation Marks. Estimated value of Legendary Weapons and…



Value for Fallout 76

“Quantity” with the keyboard. Based on “Save Everything” created by “Keretus” Used SWF – pipboymenu, pipboy_invpage, securetrade (


H.a.m.m – Hybrid Appalachian Military Map

H.a.m.m – Hybrid Appalachian Military Map for Fallout 76

This map is a hybrid between the original F76 Appalacian map and the Military map seen in the nuclear silos. It has the accurate roads and topography of the military map with the stylized art from the original map in beautiful 8K. Options for additional map markers are in full description. Have you ever looked…


Easy Sorting And Tagging

Easy Sorting And Tagging for Fallout 76

Based on my favourite sorting mod, RatMonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging. root’s Easy Sorting and Tagging I redid every string from the most recent SeventySix.esm, improved labeling, added all the new items, and redid the junk components. Comment if anything is wrong. There will be things that are wrong. Food Legend: [Food] – Safe. Doesn’t…


Ultrawide Reloaded

Ultrawide Reloaded for Fallout 76

This modification allows users with ultrawide monitors to play the game utilizing the whole monitor. This mod changes and resizes elements to fit a larger resolution. This is the first release and will function as a BETA-Test in case any issues arise outside of what has been fixed by the current, limited user-pool. Currently, this…