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Pack Yumz 6L

Pack Yumz 6L for Farming Simulator 19

Description From Previous Versions: The Mod Includes: ✔ YuMZ-6L; ✔ YuMZ-6L EO-2621; ✔ YuMZ-6L Grab; ✔ YuMZ-6KL; ✔ YuMZ-6KL Grab; ✔ Equipment. Configurations: ✔ Colors; ✔ Counterweight; ✔ Hood; ✔ Front fenders; ✔ Footboards; ✔ Mirrors; ✔ Air filter; ✔ Loader; ✔ Wheels.


Slovenian Toplar Pack

Slovenian Toplar Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The toplar is a wooden building open to the side for drying grain and grass, typical of the Slovenian countryside and architecture. There are 8 different heating systems in this package. Toplar 1: Price: 10000 € Daily maintenance: 1800 € Toplar 2: Price: 8000 € Daily maintenance: 1500 € Toplar 3: Price: 4000 € Daily…


BIN Packs

BIN Packs for Farming Simulator 19

Bin pack from All American Mapping and Modding which I have converted over to placeables, due to the file sizes, they are split up into packs based on their diameter. All bins will require an auger to load and unload. As well they come with the GtX script allowing only one fill type to be…


Classic Cars Pack 1 V1.0.0.4

Classic Cars Pack 1 V1.0.0.4 for Farming Simulator 19

Included in Pack; Added BMW 328 1939 Added Bugatti Type 35 1924 ✔ Custom Display for the showroom Color Selection Same features as the rest of the cars 1926 Cunningham Ambulance – Working on sounds, hard to tell what something sounded like in 1926. I want some backfire 🙂 *Animated Engine Fan *Police Armored version…


Horsch Pack With Optional Fertilization V1.0.1.0

Horsch Pack With Optional Fertilization V1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Horsch Pack v1.0.1.0 with added Optional Fertilization. Optional Fertilization allows you to convert the fertilizer tanks of seeders, which have optional fertilization, to seed tanks in the workshop. If a lot of slurry or manure is available for fertilization, you don’t have to spend too much expensive mineral fertilizer. As a result of this conversion,…


Pack UMZ V1.0.0.1

Pack UMZ V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

FS19 Pack UMZ v1.0.0.1 The Mod Includes: ✔ UMZ-6L; ✔ UMZ-6L EO-2621; ✔ UMZ-6L Grapple; ✔ UMZ-6KL; ✔ UMZ-6KL Grapple; ✔ Equipment. Configurations: ✔ Colors; ✔ Counterweights; ✔ Hood; ✔ Front wings; ✔ Footrests; ✔ Mirrors; ✔ Air filter; ✔ Loader; ✔ Wheels.