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Slovenian Toplar Pack

Slovenian Toplar Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The toplar is a wooden building open to the side for drying grain and grass, typical of the Slovenian countryside and architecture. There are 8 different heating systems in this package. Toplar 1: Price: 10000 € Daily maintenance: 1800 € Toplar 2: Price: 8000 € Daily maintenance: 1500 € Toplar 3: Price: 4000 € Daily…


Strassen Pack Platzierbar Mod

Strassen Pack Platzierbar Mod for Farming Simulator 19

mod przedstawia droge do umieszczania(placeable object) Strassen Pack 1m price: 100€ Strassen Pack 5m price: 100€ Strassen Pack 10m price: 100€ Strassen Pack 20m price: 100€ Strassen Pack 50m price: 100€


BIN Packs

BIN Packs for Farming Simulator 19

Bin pack from All American Mapping and Modding which I have converted over to placeables, due to the file sizes, they are split up into packs based on their diameter. All bins will require an auger to load and unload. As well they come with the GtX script allowing only one fill type to be…