Download TOP Farming Simulator 19 Trucks mods

MAZ 5549 V1.5

MAZ 5549 V1.5 for Farming Simulator 19

Added sounds for opening doors Added stripes on the body ✔ Cost: 18600; ✔ Speed: 85 km/h; ✔ Load capacity: 12000 l; ✔ Choice of cabin design; ✔ Color configuration;


MAN TGM CAR Transporter V1.1

MAN TGM CAR Transporter V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Converted and edited version of the Man TGM Car Transporter truck. Power: 230 HP Diesel Tank: 520L Max Speed: 120km/h Price: 69.000€ Features: ✔ Simple IC ✔ Movable ramp ✔ Winch & Hook ✔ Strobe lights


GAZ-66 (Shishiga)

GAZ-66 (Shishiga) for Farming Simulator 19

Interesting fact: GAZ-66 was the most massive all-wheel drive truck in service with the Soviet Army. Produced from 1964 to 1999. The 4×4 wheel arrangement has done its job – in the farm simulator 2019 you can overcome any obstacles. Also note the good lifting capacity and the installation of the cab directly above the…


International HX520

International HX520 for Farming Simulator 19

This is a edit of AM Modding’s HX520 I Rescaled it and added roll coal script also new wheels and a few other things. Power: 300 Maximum Speed: 120 Price: 140000 Brand: International Category: Trucks


MAZ 6312B3

MAZ 6312B3 for Farming Simulator 19

MAZ_6312 One of the most popular chassis made at the Minsk plant. Designed for urban and suburban transportation of various goods. The modification is presented by a tanker truck for milk and water. Wheel formula: 6×4; Two Engine Options: YaMZ-6581.10-01 and YaMZ-6581.10-04; Power: 309 kW / 420 hp and 350 hp; Speed: 85 km /…


GAZ – 66

GAZ – 66 for Farming Simulator 19

GAZ-66 is a Soviet and Russian medium-duty off-road truck with a 4 × 4 wheel arrangement, a carrying capacity of 2.0 tons and a cab above the engine. The most massive all-wheel drive two-axle truck in the Soviet Army of the USSR Armed Forces. It was also used in the national economy of the USSR…