Download TOP Red Dead Redemption 2 Effects / Changes mods

Visual Damage For Kids

Visual Damage For Kids for Red Dead Redemption 2

Now shooting them will have visual feedback,like wounds,blood splatter,blood pools,they can also bleed out,basically all the damage you would see on the other peds except for dismemberment (haven’t figured that out). Update Meanwhile the kill children script also got updated to include blood effects,you can still use mine if you want bleed outs. –>How to…


Survival Mechanics

Survival Mechanics for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod forces you to eat, drink, sleep, wear appropriate clothes for the current weather, make you suffer injuries, lets you build a camp, change your clothes or get drunk anywhere. Version 1.0.2: ✔ Fixed the first mission in the story being broken by the mod. Also added an option to keep the mod disabled…


Less Money – Economy Reworked

Less Money – Economy Reworked for Red Dead Redemption 2

Reduces the amount of money you get throughout the game. Greatly reduces the amount you get from high paying missions. In Red Dead Redemption 2 you play as an outlaw who has to rob and murder people just to make ends meet. Yet, the game will give you more money than you know what to…


Cores Regen Over Time

Cores Regen Over Time for Red Dead Redemption 2

I always felt as though spamming food items to instantly restore your core, and thus quickly regenerating your rings was a tad cheesy, Thus this mod was created. How It Works: Core affecting Items now have their effects applied over time, specifically 1 point every second. Since Cores in Red Dead Redemption 2 are on…


Happy Flask

Happy Flask for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod adds a flask you can use raise your happiness any time. Even the deadliest outlaws need some happiness in their lives, especially during the holiday season. This mod adds an easy was to raise your happiness any time by using the hotkey ( ‘O’ by default, change it in the ini). While using…


James Langton NPC Replacement

James Langton NPC Replacement for Red Dead Redemption 2

During the mission An Honest Day’s Labors you encounter James Langton. The NPC that is James Langton in this mission is different, way different then his Multiplayer version. Its most likely that Red Dead Online chose to reuse him and decided to remake him. This mod replaces the story mode variant with the multiplayer variant…