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Talk While Eating

Talk While Eating for The Sims 4

A fairly simple mod that restores the ability for Sims to autonomously begin talking to one another while eating, which appears to have been removed or damaged in a more recent game update. The likelihood that a Sim will start a conversation depends on their traits, their mood, and their relationship with the other Sim(s)….


Frankenfix Of Nyx’s Werewolves

Frankenfix Of Nyx’s Werewolves for The Sims 4

Note that I couldn’t find anything that directly states you need the Vampires GP for this to work, but this uses a lot of effects from that pack, so I’m not sure what sort of issues (visual or otherwise) you may experience on BaseGame. You also don’t technically need XML Injector, but I added a…


Pirate Treasure Mod

Pirate Treasure Mod for The Sims 4

Pirate Treasure is my take on treasure maps and buried treasure chests. Because beachcombing isn’t quite lucrative enough. WHAT THIS MOD DOES It adds a new type of treasure map, named ‘Pirate Treasure Map’, that is labeled with a location that refers to a specific Base Game or Island Living neighborhood. If you travel to…


Motives / Needs

Motives / Needs for The Sims 4

This mod will reduce you motive needs by 0% to -75% Meaning you will not have to eat, sleep or any other the other motive needs. 30/12/21 Added toddler motive attention need Sim Types In This Are: Baby Toddler Pets Robot your sims Reduced Rates Are: 0% (motive/needs won’t hardly need filling) 25% 50% 75%…


N.a.p’s ON Lots

N.a.p’s ON Lots for The Sims 4

Hi, I made this mod over a year ago and finally decide to release it. N.A.P’s annoyed me so much in the business I was running so decided to stop it. Patch 1.82 This mod will stop the following happening in restaurants, vets and retail locations Roughhousing We Wear Bags Support The Performing Arts! Free…


Ingame Gender Transition Mod

Ingame Gender Transition Mod for The Sims 4

A mod that lets transgender sims transition, so you can play a trans sim birth to death realistically without having to cheat to change their gender! This mod currently comes in three different versions which you choose one of. All versions come with the interactions “Get Top Surgery”, which changes your sim’s gender, and “Get…


NO More Batuu Introduction

NO More Batuu Introduction for The Sims 4

Mod requires Journey to Batuu, I have no idea what this will do if you don’t have JtB installed. Probably nothing harmful, but just in case. This simple tuning mod removes the introductory “callToAction” dialog that plays EVERY SINGLE TIME you start a new save with Journey to Batuu installed. It’s a decent pack and…


Frankenfix Of Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens

Frankenfix Of Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens for The Sims 4

I am aware there might be some confusion as another user and I accidentally fixed it at the same time, though in different ways. My version of this mod relies on a different unlock method for the trait than the original. If you prefer to have your Aliens unlock it via reward store and automatically…


Christmas Pack 2021 – 4 NEW Custom Recipes

Christmas Pack 2021 – 4 NEW Custom Recipes for The Sims 4

Christmas is a traditionally a Christian festival celebrated as the birth of Jesus, who is believed to be the son of God, who apparently performed many miracles and good deeds over his life. Some atheists still celebrate Christmas, though without the Christian element. Many Christmas traditions are based in pagan traditions from the pagan winter…


Sims 2 In Sims 4 – ALL Worlds Savefile Beta

Sims 2 In Sims 4 – ALL Worlds Savefile Beta for The Sims 4

This is a savefile that features sims and buildings from all Sims 2 neighborhoods and even more! I wanted to make requirments as low as possible, and the lowest requirments are just the base game and Get to Work pack. How to install and what is this excel document: 1. Unzip the folder 2. In…