Download TOP SnowRunner Trailers mods

YAR87 Exploration Trailer V

YAR87 Exploration Trailer V for SnowRunner

Another simple trailer this time adapted to the unusual dimensions of the yar87. The mod is originally designed for the vanilla game. The principle remains the same, it remains relatively punitive (expensive and heavy) but offers good repair and refueling capabilities : RepairsCapacity=”350″ FuelCapacity=”330″ WheelRepairsCapacity=”2″ Price=”18200″ (A way to push not to abandon it, and…


Double-Decker 2-Slot + 2-Slot “PUP” Trailer V1.0.5

Double-Decker 2-Slot + 2-Slot “PUP” Trailer V1.0.5 for SnowRunner

Bones may shift/reset when loging out and re-loging in… for best results: leave bottom cargo “packed” if second platform has cargo, extend it fully up (or fully down?) Do not crash unpacked trucks/cargo when “toggling lift” down (packed is OK, won’t collide): failure to comply will result in a catastrophic crumpling of the truck. Pretty…


Two-Story 8 Slot High Saddle Trailer V1.0.4

Two-Story 8 Slot High Saddle Trailer V1.0.4 for SnowRunner

High-Saddle compatible trailer with 8-slot capacity: packable 4-slots on lower level and loose 4-slots on upper level. Double decker style. Can be configured as a road-train with “extension” trailers (no winch). Theoretically you could have an infinite number of trailers in the train. Practically you can only have two. But you still have your winch…


Keny150T Trailer Pack V2.0

Keny150T Trailer Pack V2.0 for SnowRunner

Know issue; 7slot dump body trailer don’t attach in the trailer store because of the phase 5 bug. This is the trailer pak for the Keny 150T and work only for this mod.


Ggms Bumper-Pull Trailer Pack V1.2.0

Ggms Bumper-Pull Trailer Pack V1.2.0 for SnowRunner

Mod Features: Custom tire & rim models Custom trailer models Custom map markers (landmarks) Locking dolly’s to help with reversing Included Options: Short log trailer Medium log trailer Long log trailer Fuel tanker trailer Operations center trailer Flatbed trailer (6-slots) Curtainside trailer (6-slots) Transporter trailer (6-slots) Coming Soon: B-Double widebed trailer (4-slots) Version Log: v1.0.0…


MIL Spec Trailer Pack V3.0

MIL Spec Trailer Pack V3.0 for SnowRunner

This a small trailer pack that goes along with the Hemlock mod. This is modeled off the LMTV mil trailer. This is my first trailer pack so keep that in mind. Has a short cargo version A double axel long bed version A medium log carrier version