Download TOP SnowRunner Vehicles mods

Onicarro Pequenbus V

Onicarro Pequenbus V for SnowRunner

This bus is my first attempt at SnowRunner modding. It’s certainly far from perfect, but it’s finally in a state where I feel it’s ready for release. Admittedly, it doesn’t have as many addons as I would like, and there are still some bugs (see below). Sadly, there were around a half dozen addons that…


TUZ B26 “Vezdekhod” V1.0.1

TUZ B26 “Vezdekhod” V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Another one from the vault. I think this was the first model I bought. Finally happy to bring it into SnowRunner. It’s a simple little exploration buggy that can move Scout Trailers, and also be equipped with fuel or repair supplies. Even more weird stuff coming, I promise. Some Features The B26 Has: Selectable AWD…


Z2 Larc V0.1

Z2 Larc V0.1 for SnowRunner

Caution This track is very powerful and can make the game boring When leaving the garage, please get over the wall Features Huge LARC Unique crane Unique loading system Load capacity for 6 slots + 6 slots


Limes Mega BUS

Limes Mega BUS for SnowRunner

Big thanks to: TheBgamerBB for letting me use his tire models and a huge thanks to everyone who helped me out on this one.


Z2 A Foresterzt “Riki” V0.1

Z2 A Foresterzt “Riki” V0.1 for SnowRunner

Caution This Truck is powerful and different from the original play, so it may make the game boring. Features ・ Giant tractor ・ Original crane and carry add-on ・ Log crane with unique packing ・ Log carrier that can carry a large amount How to pack logs ・ The log is easy to drop, so…


Norrland TK910

Norrland TK910 for SnowRunner

Created by the Norrland corporation in the mid 80s, this unassuming self-propelled crane is a staple workhorse of many industrial yards all over the world. It may not be the most glamorous of vehicles, but there’s no questioning it’s ability to put in work. Sure, you’ll find advanced modern cranes operating just about everywhere, but…


Concept Mighty-Runner V

Concept Mighty-Runner V for SnowRunner

This is one of those vehicles that caught my eye many years ago because it was so oddly cool. Love it, or hate it give her a whirl because she’s a unique girl. This truck is based on a one-off custom concept vehicle built by the manufacture that rhymes with Steep. (speaking in riddles to…


Z2 TUZ 422X Tatata Rinrin V0.11

Z2 TUZ 422X Tatata Rinrin V0.11 for SnowRunner

Powerful remodeling Tatarin specializing in single missions. Note: This vehicle is so powerful that it may make the game boring Feature ・ Unique recovery system ・ Dedicated crane ・ 1Slot cargo ・ Powerful tank ・ Dedicated radar ・ You can adjust the center of gravity of the vehicle. ・ Jack up and turn 180 degrees


ACE Sadco V

ACE Sadco V for SnowRunner

Ace Sadko to help shishiga, wheels, has its own modules, body kits, coloring books, winches. Mainly for reconnaissance and as a support vehicle, it hooks all default trailers and scout trailers.


C.C.M. 34 BUG V1.004

C.C.M. 34 BUG V1.004 for SnowRunner

C.C.M. Is proud to present the 34 Bug. The Bug was restored in the CoCore Custom shop in 1983 Into a One of a kind build that doesn’t disappoint. Of 12 Bugs ever created this is the sole survivor. Built on a 6×6 chassis with a 1500 gallon fuel tank and a mid engine design,…