Download TOP World of Tanks Sounds mods

Sicfunzlers – GUN & Motor Sound []

Sicfunzlers – GUN & Motor Sound [] for World of Tanks

Der geilste Historical Realism Gun und Motor Sounds GUN-Sounds Motor-Sounds Lade-Sound Ein Kompletes Sound-Packet Fuer Genieser !!! Installation Ein normaler Installer 🙂 Einfach oeffnen und dann installieren . LaufwerkGamesWorld_of_Tanks Viel Spass damit


104 Sixth Sense Sounds []

104 Sixth Sense Sounds [] for World of Tanks

This mod changes the 6th sense sound to a personalize sound,You have 104 different sounds to pick from, Easy to install. American Pie- The Day I die Batman Theme Song Beam me up – Star Trek Beep Bass 6x Beep 3X Beep 4X Beep Low Tone 6x Beep Low Tone 3x Beep_#3 * Beep_#4 Cavalry…


Camouflage Manager []

Camouflage Manager [] for World of Tanks

OLDSKOOL’S CAMOUFLAGE MANAGER … IS AN EXTENSION TO MANAGE YOUR CAMOUFLAGES. FEATURES: • Very easy Setup. • Creates a Backup on Startup • Allows you to restore your old setup. Installation Download the archive and extract it to your World of Tanks directory.


Awesome Epic Guys Crew Voice []

Awesome Epic Guys Crew Voice [] for World of Tanks

I am KISkormany16__HUN and I have created a voice mod for the crew, it replaces the normal crew voices from the game to voice lines from Awesome Epic Guys. !!!This does not contain any voice lines from the Team Clash event, none of their commander’s voice lines were used when creating!!! The mod was created…


Girls UND Panzer Music Mod []

Girls UND Panzer Music Mod [] for World of Tanks

This MOD is made by The socialist music promotion committee. Important Information: Guess What Will Happen? We Are Going To Update The Latest Version Of Music Mod!Send Your Ideas To The Message Area, And We Will Improve Mod According To Your Suggestions.Coming Soooooooooooooon! Important note: We used higher quality music, which led to excessive volume…


Himari Mochizuki – Voice Pack []

Himari Mochizuki – Voice Pack [] for World of Tanks

This mod is Virtual YouTuber Himari Mochizuki’s voice pack. Let’s play together♪ 1. Copy “audioww” folder to “World_of_Tanksres_mods#current version#”. 2. Set “Voice Message in Battle” to “Standard” in game sound settings. 3. Select the sixth sense sound. Variant 1 : Himari’s voice(without BGM) Variant 2 : Himari’s voice with 10s BGM