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If you’re looking for Red Dead Redemption 2 mods, you’re in the right place. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed action-adventure game. Played from a first or third-person perspective, the game is set in an open-world environment featuring a fictionalized version of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States in 1899, during the latter half of the Wild West era and the turn of the twentieth century. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best RDR2 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.
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Arthur Morgan’s HAT Remastered

Arthur Morgan’s HAT Remastered for Red Dead Redemption 2

Changes Arthur’s Hat Textures From 1080p To 4k, Making His Hat Look Much Better Note: Arthur’s hat accessories from the trapper aren’t changed. this mod only changes his default hat. At the moment these textures will only work for vulkan users. this issue is being looked into and dx12 support should come soon. Installation: drag…


RED Dead Belgian

RED Dead Belgian for Red Dead Redemption 2

Now your Belgian can wear any coat and still look like a Belgian! Please check requirement section when installing. These files are for the Belgian fans. You can either make your Belgian wear any coat you want (by renaming your desired coat to the Belgian you’re having), or you can make any horse have a…


Visual Damage For Kids

Visual Damage For Kids for Red Dead Redemption 2

Now shooting them will have visual feedback,like wounds,blood splatter,blood pools,they can also bleed out,basically all the damage you would see on the other peds except for dismemberment (haven’t figured that out). Update Meanwhile the kill children script also got updated to include blood effects,you can still use mine if you want bleed outs. –>How to…


Survival Mechanics

Survival Mechanics for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod forces you to eat, drink, sleep, wear appropriate clothes for the current weather, make you suffer injuries, lets you build a camp, change your clothes or get drunk anywhere. Version 1.0.2: ✔ Fixed the first mission in the story being broken by the mod. Also added an option to keep the mod disabled…


Ultimate Reshade SET

Ultimate Reshade SET for Red Dead Redemption 2

Simple the MOST REALISTIC RESHADE for Red Dead Redemption 2. How to install: Reshade ✔ Clean-up your previous all Reshade files and configuration from RDR2 folder before install this mod ✔ Extract these files into where your game executable (RDR2.exe) resides. ✔ Run The Game!


ALL Weapons Unlocked

ALL Weapons Unlocked for Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlocks all weapons at the gunsmith and fence, so you can use whatever weapon you want at any point in the game. In vanilla RDR2 you’ll slowly unlock weapons by doing story missions. This is very restrictive, and the game gives you no indication of when you’ll unlock the weapons. So because of that +…